best free wordpress themes 2020

Jan 19, 2021 Best wordpress themes

best free wordpress themes 2020 – Which you should to choose?

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If you are looking for your website or blog the best free WordPress themes for 2020 then this post it’s totally suggested for you.

Those themes are the best free WordPress themes in 2020 from the market which we will present below.

How we chose the best WordPress themes for you?

We navigate to and we searched about this term.

You should know, that we always want to give you the best themes and the best suggestion to help your business.

To help your business, to grow and start earning money with those themes too.

So we chose the best 20-30 themes from the market which we paste and present for you.

Against the quality, we remove the themes with low than 100-200 reviews.

That’s means if 1000 people are downloaded and give more than 10 % positive reviews, that theme should be high quality and good for any business.

These are the most important and high quality 10 themes which you can get too:

1.Twenty seventeen

best free wordpress themes 2020
best free wordpress themes 2020

With more than 86 five positive stars, twenty seventeen is the best free WordPress theme.

The latest update was in 2020 December.

That’s very important because of the bugs and couldn’t be hackable if is more updated.

With more navigation possibility and with more widgets available.

You are able to customize the asymmetrical grid, with the custom color scheme.

Works very well with more languages and on any device, where you install.


best free wordpress themes 2020
best free WordPress themes 2020

Astra is the fastest WordPress theme.

With fully customized features, such as:

Personal portfolio, business website, and woocommerce storefront.

That theme is built with more SEO features available.

Astra is integrated with the best codes and is a native AMP.

Another great advance is the Astra is compatible with the most popular page builder from the market.

Those are the Avada page builder, elementor, or brizy.

3. Ocean WP

best free wordpress themes 2020
best free wordpress themes 2020

OceanWP is another suggested theme for your business.

You can use it in a lot of business models like a blog, portfolio, or business website.

Compatible with most trend page builders to like: elementor, divi or siteorigin.


best free wordpress themes 2020
best free wordpress themes 2020

This is a bit different. How you can see the name too, that’s called storefront e-commerce.

Means, this theme it’s dedicated most of the eCommerce website where you can use.

With a responsive theme and fully customizable, the storefront gives you the opportunity to build one of the best online stores in the market.

Similarly with another theme but that theme it’s dedicated much for eCommerce.

However, you can use it for a storefront, portfolio, or other websites.


Another greatest theme for your website project.

However, you can download it from here for free, there is another premium mode also.

Generatepress it’s also used by many internet marketers for different projects like a blog, news website, or eCommerce.

The second great feature that is developing in this theme is the install adds is not much than 10kb(gzipped method) and the second great feature is the new block editor (Gutenberg feature).


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