Tor Browser for Windows – How to browse with VPN?

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Most people are using Tor Browser for windows because has a great feature called VPN integration.

The Tor Browser allows more anonymous web surfing with the open-source Firefox browser.

Tor Browser for windows

As soon as you start surfing the internet, you leave a lot of surfing trails behind.

The free Tor browser package including the Firefox browser prevents this by bringing you to the Internet via the encrypted Tor network.

Tor Browser: Anonymous on the Internet

In addition to encryption functions via the Tor network, modified Firefox has also preinstalled some practical security add-ons.

Among other things, NoScript and HTTPS Everywhere.

Install and set up Tor Browser: It’s that easy

The Tor browser package is very easy to set up. Run the EXE file, set the language to “English” and follow the installer.

It shouldn’t take more than a minute to set up.

After successful installation, the default Tor Browser opens.

Set the Tor Browser optimally

Before you start surfing, you should switch to “Security Settings” by clicking on the protective shield logo to the right of the address line.

There you can see the not too restrictive basic settings.

Basically, you are in private mode with the Tor browser, i.e. history and cookies are not saved locally.

In addition, plug-ins such as Flash are deactivated.

Nevertheless, the slider for “Security level” is set to “Standard”.

You should change this to disconnect even more browser features.

If you change the security level to “safer”, for example, HTML5 videos can only be played via click-to-play, and JavaScript is restricted.

If you set the security level to “Safest”, JavaScript is completely switched off and the browser also blocks many image files.

When adjusting the security level, the makers orient themselves to the worst security gaps. In practice, we have had the best experiences with the medium setting “Safer”.

tor browser for windows
tor browser for windows

To do this, first, download the Tor Browser free of charge from CHIP.

Start the program and you can start surfing.

Not only can you visit the “normal” Internet, but you can easily surf websites on the Darknet.

tor browser for windows

Tor Browser: Tips for using it

To the right of the URL bar, you will find the Tor menu (broom icon).

Click “New Identity” to change your identity and restart the Tor Browser.

By the way, to the right of it, you can see the well-known script blocker NoScript, which is also baked into Firefox.

In addition, HTTPS Everywhere is on board, which directs users to the encrypted outputs of websites if possible.

Make Tor Browser Faster: Here’s How

Surfing with Tor is technically slower than in a normal browser because every request takes a detour.

That is the price one has to pay for the anonymity gained.

If surfing with the Tor browser is really slow, you can usually take countermeasures.

In our article Making the gate faster: How it works, we will show you which adjustment screws you can turn to make the gate a little faster.

Often a new identity, which you can get using the Tor button, also helps.
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tor browser for windows
tor browser for windows

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What is the Tor Browser for Windows?

The Tor Browser allows you to surf more anonymously in both the clear and dark web.

The free browser package, which is based on the Firefox browser, takes you to the Internet via the encrypted Tor network.

Thanks to the pre-installed security add-ons, you no longer leave any unwanted traces on the Internet.

Is Tor Browser Legal?

Clearly yes! Like an onion, the Tor Browser hides your Internet paths behind several server pods.

And since it is not forbidden to operate different servers and to network them with one another, the Tor project can be used without fear of legal consequences.

How can I uninstall the Tor Browser?

If you want to completely remove the Tor Browser, it is sufficient to delete the installation directory.

To do this, mark the “Tor Browser windows” folder and press the [Del] key.

Alternatively, right-click on the folder and select “Delete” in the context menu.

In version 10.x of the “Tor Browser”, the latest Firefox ESR is used as the basis.

The included modules have been updated and numerous bugs have been fixed.

The complete changelog can be found in the manufacturer blog.

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Download Tor browser for windows here

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