Instagram influencers money making methods – how to make money on 2020

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Instagram influencers are one of the best opportunity if you have a pretty nice social media followers and engagement.

This opportunity can make you a lot of money if you are put a little work into it.

There are many kinds of influencers on many social media platforms if you want to make more money.

Those are the popular sites where you can be famous and after a post earn a lot of money, could be 1k per post or more.

It all depends on your followers and of the followers quality where they come, and what kind of products they interest.

The most of popular social media sites where you can sell shootouts are:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter

Still Instagram it’s the one of the best in my opinion to sell because there are a lot of people who use that platform, and the another too but let we see :

Using Instagram, you are able to use on the phone, you should make your personal profile and get followers.

Another great such thing, you can put your Instagram stories, where you can introduce the affiliate link or a product which you would like to promote or sell.

What are the Instagram influencers who may exactly?

To help you with the best answer, Instagram influencers are when you want to grove your account, and do you have only a few followers.

Think of it we are using the Fiverr and find a nice Instagram shootouts seller which is offering you a shoutout on shes Instagram accounts with 55K followers.

Instagram influencers

That means you should contact her or him to ask him if he accepts your niche in his account.

There are more methods to promote your URL for example this user accepts the next of promotions:

Minimum 6K Profil visits, 60K+ weekly visits, and the best tier 1 countries, like the USA, UK.

In this package for only 12 euro you will get the next of promotion:

  • 12 hours Instagram timeline, bio link, and story highlight.

That means your LINK will appear for 53K + Instagram followers on his account.

You can calculate a little bit, that means 53K+ unique followers in 12 hrs with your link.

From that, you can get 20K visits, 10K link clicks, and 100 sales (that is only an example)

How to find the best shoutout seller and what you should to pay attention?


As we know, there are a lot of sellers with real followers account and with “fake” accounts.

That means for real follower accounts will appear your URL for only real people who are really looking for that product.

And another account with the “fake” followers they could be bots, Facebook groups follow for following or like that.

In the short sentence, people who are don’t care about your product or affiliate products, and that it’s 100 % money loss.

However, there is a lot of software or may exactly social profile engagement calculator.

If found a pretty nice, which is calculating you the profile engagement of the Instagram shoutout account. You can found it here.

How to get the best Instagram influencers sellers and How to use it the Instagram engagement calculator?

We will get an example the most of popular marketplace, the Fiverr, where you can find thousands of people who are selling like that.

Type in the search box Instagram shootouts after that select the “best selling”.

Always check the seller reviews, that could be helpful because the seller is rating by people exactly you.

They are also searching and looking for shootouts for their business and promoting links.

Let’s see the first user has 4.8 stars and 44 reviews.

I think not bad but could be better too.

The second step to do the perfect research, Visit the link and in the first blank box enter the ig account name.


Instagram influencers


P.S. that is my personal account where I have 288 followers and 11.69 % engagement rate.

That is not a lot but if you find any account with highest engagement rate than it’s better and you will get better results too.

A lot of people are searching for and doing Instagram influencers methods for different business advertising.

Some people are doing dropshipping, which is pretty trend and profitable business nowadays. Check my dropshipping tutorial, here.

How to find the best Instagram influencers for your business?

Easy as you think.

There are a lot of places where you can find the best Instagram influencers around the world.



Top 10 Instagram influencers sites to get the best results.


As you know, nowadays social media marketing traffic it’s awesome exploded in a short time.

Using this social media marketing you are able to share your knowledge or affiliates products for millions of people for free.

There is more type of social media marketing traffic, the most effective it’s the Instagram shootouts, twitter shootouts, or Facebook groups.

That’s why I thought about today to present you with the best 10 Instagram shootouts website, where you can buy the best service for you.

According to a recent study, in 2019 the social media was a helpful and powerful traffic generator for millions of people around the world.

Another great report, from social media examiner, shows that 73 % of population using Instagram which has a very impressive growth from 66 % to 69 % in the 2018 year.

Instagood is a very helpful and powerful source to start your business with their services.

There are a lot of people using the instagood and find the best opportunity to get the best results also.

A very special gift from that website it’s free for you.

Try to use the #instagoodmyphoto hastag, and get tag in their posts on instagram.

2instagood website, it’s another great source and the advertising too it’s similiar with the another website.

If you want to get tag in their posts you should to use #2instagood hashtag.




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