Coin master free spin – link today 31.01.2021

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Daily links for coin master free spin

The links are extracted always from official Coin Master social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

To get credit, your friend has to accept the invitation, download the game, open it and connect to Facebook to have their account linked to the game. If you have a lot of friends, it can add up very quickly.

Treat yourself

After you’ve invited all of your friends and they’ve joined in, you and your friends can treat yourself to free spins and coins every day!

You don’t lose any personal turns this way.

Wait a bit

Last but not least, you can just wait!

Every hour you wait you will get 5 free spins totaling 50 spins.

This means you have to wait ten hours maximum if you want to optimize for maximum spins.

What is Coin Master?

Fuse a basic building strategy game with the chaotic thrill of a slot machine and you have Coin Master.

The gameplay is simple: spin the slot machine to perform an action.

You can earn coins, attack other players ‘bases, raid player reserves, or obtain shields that reduce the effect of other players’ attacks.

Then use the wedge you earn to build and upgrade your base structures

But that doesn’t mean there isn’t any way to optimize your game and improve your Coin Master experience.

The essentials

Coin Master starts with a short tutorial that walks you through the basics, then gives you the freedom to start playing however you want. That’s certainly good enough to get started, but here we’ll go into some of the mechanics that the tutorial does not explain.

Everything in Coin Master revolves around getting and spending coins.

There are three main ways to earn coins in Coin Master (aside from spending real money on it):

  1. earn coins from the slot machine;
  2. attack the bases of other players;
  3. and attack the bases of other players.
  4. To perform any of these actions, you must take a spin on the slot machine.

The slot machine

The slot machine is where the meat of the game is found, and you will be spending a large portion of your playing time on this screen. You can access the slot machine by opening the game menu and selecting it or swiping down from the Village view.

Each time you run the machine, this number decreases by one. Once you are done with the spins, you will have to wait a while for them to regenerate. The slot machine in Coin Master has four reels with four different symbols. If you manage to get four of the same symbols in a row, you immediately take this action.


Corner bag More corners Random Village Raid Hammer (get coins by attacking someone else’s village) Pig Bandit Current Raid Coin Master Protect your village shield (lose fewer coins during an attack) Energy capsule 10 free spins

coin master free spin
coin master free spin

The bag of corners, as the name suggests, gives you corners. Unlike the other images, you don’t need an entire row of these to earn the award.

Attack – The Hammer

coin master free spin
coin master free spin

If you enter and link your Facebook personal account you can also attack your friends and you can be attacked too. The player’s village will appear on your screen and you are prompted to choose which of their buildings you want to attack. Attacking a building earns you a corner reward and reduces the star level of the attacked building.

Raid – The Bandit Pig

coin master free spin
coin master free spin

The bandit pig is a symbol of a smiling pig wearing a bandit mask. If you get four in a row, you immediately Raid. Unlike attacks, you cannot choose the target of your raid. Above the Slot Machine is the name and image of your Coin Master, a player who is your assigned Raid Target. When a raid begins, you are taken to your coin operated village. There are several places in the village that you can dig (marked with big X’s). Choose three holes to dig; some of them will contain a significant amount of coins. This wedge is taken straight from the victim’s current wedge supply and is a great way to get someone’s nerves angry.

Defend – The Shield

coin master free spin
coin master free spin

You can have up to three shields at a time, which means you are protected against three attacks. If you have a Shield when an enemy attacks one of your buildings, your building will be protected and will not be star rated. The same rules apply when attacking a player with a shield. It is important to note that the shield does not protect you from raids.


If you have accumulated a large number of spins, you can place bets. When you increase your bet, each spin of the slot machine spins multiple spins, but you also increase your chances of winning big. The bets multiply the rewards you win from the slot machine spins.

Village building

Villages serve as “levels” in Coin Master. You have to construct five buildings at each stage. In order to complete a stage and advance to the next village, you must upgrade all buildings in your current village to a 5-star rating. Upgrading buildings cost currency and upgrades get more and more expensive as you progress through the game, so be prepared for a grind. Buildings have no special effects or functions and are only markers of your progress to the next village. As of May 2020, there were 252 villages, each with its own unique theme, which you can complete in Coin Master.


The revenge mechanic lets you go back to a player who has attacked your village. If your base was successfully attacked by another player, you have the option to retaliate. Just give the slot a spin. Select this and the game will bring up a list of all the players who have recently attacked you. Pick one and you’ll be taken to that person’s village where you can heal the wound.


Cards are earned by opening chests, which are purchased with coins. There are several collections of thematic maps, and each collection contains nine maps. Collect all nine cards in a collection and you are rewarded with bonuses including free spins, a huge influx of coins, and even pets. There are three types of chests you can buy; the more expensive the safe, the more cards you will find inside. The quality of cards you can get from a chest depends on your current village level. When you reach the upper levels of the village, you also have the opportunity to obtain special gold cards from the chests you open. Gold cards are simply rarer versions of other cards, and their collections offer much bigger rewards at the end. One of Coin Master’s most exciting mechanics is the card trading system. Many have dedicated card trading sections where you can enter into trading agreements with other Coin Master players.


As explained above in the Cards section, chests can be purchased from the in-game store for corners. All chests can give you quality level cards up to 5 stars, but more expensive chests are more likely to drop higher quality cards. Higher-level chests are also less likely to drop low-level cards than low-level chests, so if you’re looking for a particular 1, 2, or 3-star card to complete a card collection, you’ll want to spend some corners on lower level chests. You can also receive Pet Snacks, Pet XP, or Bonus Spins in chests. These are added to your inventory on top of any cards you receive, so don’t affect the probabilities of falling cards.

Card Drop Odds by Chest

Depending on which chest you open, you have a higher chance of drawing a specific card rarity. Only Mystery, Ruby, and Valentine’s Day chests have a chance to drop a Joker card, others don’t. Wooden, Gold, and Magic Chests are all available from Village 3.

The Joker card

Joker Card is an ultra-rare card that you can earn by participating in Coin Master events or by unlocking Mystery Chests. The Joker card has the ability to transform into any card of your choice, even Gold cards.


Pets are adorable animals that accompany you on raids and attacks. These loyal little creatures also offer cool bonuses that help boost your journey to becoming Coin Master. Animals are hatched by accessing the Animals screen through the in-game menu or by pressing the egg under the slot machine. After these four hours have passed, your pet will fall asleep and you will not be able to experience their effects for a substantial period of time. You can speed up their recovery period by feeding your pet treats. You can spend real money on immediate food or take a spin on the slot machine for a chance to get treats. Treats are given alongside the typical reward you earn from your Spin result. The effects granted by pets can be increased by giving them XP potions that enhance them. Like treats, XP potions have a chance to drop with each spin of the slot machine.


Tiger increases the number of coins you earn after attacking another player. As you increase Tiger’s level, the coin boost increases.


Rhino is unlocked by completing the Creature Card Collection. While active, Rhino has a chance to block enemy attacks, just like a shield does. Leveling up Rhino with XP Potions increases the chance that Rhino will successfully repel an enemy attack. At a base level, Rhino has a 10% chance to prevent an enemy attack.


Foxy is the very first pet you unlock while playing Coin Master, but it’s also the most valuable later in the game. It gives you an extra shovel in raids, which means you have one more chance of finding corners or dig up a chest. Foxy unlocks at village level 4.

Tips & Tricks

Don’t hoard your corners! You are always susceptible to a potential Raid taking away a large chunk of your held coins. That’s why you should always spend coins whenever you can afford a purchase. This is especially important if you no longer have Shields or have not yet unlocked the Rhino Pet! Having a large coin store in your pocket also makes you a prime target for big raids.

Great raids

If you have a ton of spins at your disposal, it can be tempting to want to increase your bet amount and take advantage of the multiplied spins bonus. This is a perfectly viable way to speed up your coin earnings. However, it is best to save your spins for very wealthy players. Record your bets for Coin Masters with tons of coins. Since the amount of coins you earn in a raid is proportional to the number of coins the player has on them, using only maximum bets on very rich coin masters you have the chance to save a lot in a very short time. If you go for large raids, you should always have Foxy equipped as an active pet.

Buy chests in each village

Individual cards don’t offer any bonuses, but completing a card collection does. You should always buy as many chests as possible when entering a new village.

Don’t waste your pet’s bonuses

Your pet’s boost effect is only available for four hours after activating it. This even applies to the Defensive Rhino; when your base is under siege it won’t defend from attacks unless you send it specifically to do so.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get free spins on Coin Master free spin?

By visiting our page! Every day we post new links for free spins as they become available.

How many levels are in Coin Master?

At the moment, you can play 252 villages (levels).

What do the stars mean in Coin Master free spin?

The stars show your rank and that of other players.

What are the cards used for in Coin Master?

You collect cards to complete a collection that consists of 9 cards with the same theme. Every time you complete a collection you get spins and gifts. Check our latest coin master free spins tutorial too or click here. The spins you can get here

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