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Incidental or not, you landed in our filesbits tutorial website to learn exactly how to make your own website for free in 2021 using mobirise.

Why you should like and love this tutorial?

Maybe you are looking for the best free opportunity to start making a website.

Of course, all of us want always the best results and all for free when it’s possible.

Here are the pro and cons from mobirise:

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Super simple you don’t need any programmer skill
  • The latest modern skills in 2021 for free
  • Totally free you don’t need to pay anything


  • We can not find any disadvantages to using this method

There are very simple 3 steps to use :

  1. Choose your template which is fit for your business
  2. You can customize your project with the different methods
  3. Make and publish your website and get online in the world.

But what is mobilrise and how does exactly works?

Mobilerise is a web design software that allows you to create and publish any website on the internet without any programming skills.

That’s means you don’t need any technical or language to learn to make your own website for free in 2021.

However, there are other methods too, to start learning How to make your own website for free on our filesbits website which is available here.

If you are at the beginning of your business and you are looking for a high-quality website design website, you should try it out.

That is also suggested for the people who don’t want to waste a lot of money on designing any template or hiring any people to do it.

How to make your own website for free
How to make your own website for free






photo source : mobilrise

As you can see on the photo or visiting their websites, mobilrise is an offline web design software that isn’t always a bad thing for people.

It could be more beneficial when it’s offline than when it’s online.

To learn the exact method How to make your own website for free we just made and we would like to show you few helpful methods to start with :

How to use mobilrise in short and easy steps:

  1. First, you need always to download the software which you can find here.
  2. Once you have the file in .zip format please unzip and run it on your computer
  3. Start the software the first question will be to log in to the platform.
  4. You should create an account totally free on the website after that simple login.

How to start and make your first website with mobirise.

Mobirise has a lot of advantages things which you will find us.

You just need to download the software and start working with it.

However, we thought about sharing the features and the advantages :

  • The best and the latest frameworks
  • Create an unlimited number of websites
  • You haven’t to pay any penny totally free
  • No programming knowledge needed
  • User and SEO friendly app interface

The first feature, the best and the latest frameworks.

Mobirise was developed and created in bootstrap 3 after that was upgraded in bootstrap 4.

The most powerful for helpful for websites nowadays.

The webpages can resize any kind of dimensions after the device screen.

Have a very nice on-page SEO may exactly, the webpage speed is load quickly possible without any SEO work.

The second feature, create an unlimited number of websites.

Once you are a registered user in the mobirise platform, you can build and publish any number of websites.

That’s why we called that feature to an unlimited number of websites.

The third feature, You haven’t to pay any penny, it’s totally free.

Of course, how we mentioned above, you can create for totally free your user in the platform but you have another opportunity too, to upgrade to a pro account for the money.

Nevertheless, you can build your perfect optimized websites with a free subscription too and seems exactly how we the user build with the pro upgraded user.

For the four features, no programming knowledge is needed.

You don’t need any programming or technical skills to learn to start building a website with mobirise.

Mobirise does all for you, you should only manage the features with a single click.

For the five features, User and SEO-friendly app interface.

100 % SEO-friendly.

Websites that are built with mobirise get the highest ranking in SERP engines in google too.

The unique designs, help a lot to boost the ranking in the search engines.

How to make your own website for free using mobirise in 2021?

  1. The first step, choose the best template for your business or blog.

How we mentioned above, you can find a lot of themes in the mobirise, you always should search and choose the best one for you.

The standard themes are available to the free users and those are:

How to make your own website for free
How to make your own website for free






Mobirise 3 it’s based on bootstrap 3.

With the simple but amazing fonts, buttons, colors, and other great website elements.

Mobirise 4 it’s one of the used themes by users.

It’s built-in bootstrap 4 with also amazing design.

Mobirise AMP it’s combined simplicity and responsiveness without losing efficiency and beauty.

Mobirise themes which you can use too:

There are a lot of themes that are available for you, all of them are high quality and responsive.

All those themes were developed by a great developing team for different businesses and niches.

To choose the best themes for you, open the software and head to the right-placed dashboard.

Go to click on make a website and click on the big plus button.

How to make your own website for free

Simple, choose your theme which you think will work for your business.

Customize your project with “drag and drop” system.

When you are trying to make a new website always you get a blank page.

That’s why when you are browsing on the left page, there will be a big red button which is a separate website block or sections.

The number quantity depends on the theme which you choose.

How to make your own website for free
Picture source moborise

Responsive menus for responsive themes.

Menus are most the important element for a website.

In the menu, you can find more great things such as:

Mainly of all websites are the “home” button that you drive to the homepage.

There are many other great buttons which could be helpful for you like the contact us.

Usually, contact us you are creating for your clients or website visitors.

That button can be also helpful because there will appear your contact details and the user can easy contact you.


Headers are also very important in the content of course in a theme too.

This element it’s used mostly at the beginning of the webpage.

Headers are pulled out the story titles, which are also implemented on the themes.

You can easily make it with different titles, colors, or pictures.

I hope this tutorial was helpful for you and you will share it with your friends too.


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