3 ways to create your website: our 2020 guide

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For a lot of people to start creating a website, it’s a dream.

ways to create your website

But what about if I tell you that truth can become the reality?

Indeed, you don’t have to know how to code or be a web designer to create your own Internet presence.

In this article, we present three options to achieve your goal.

They include all of the following steps to create a website:

  • Choose a design you like.
  • Try the CMS or the free version.
  • Configure your website
  • Find a domain name.
  • Publish your new website.
  • We are going to focus a little more on the first two options. If you were expecting to find an HTML tutorial in this article, we are sorry to disappoint you. 🙂

Create your website with an online editor

The best website builder you can get click here.

Let’s start with the simplest solution: online website builders.

Simple as you think, this is a full package: website design, website design tool, hosting, domain name, email addresses, and technical support are usually included in the service.

Why people make complicated when can be very simple?

It just depends on the project. Why make it complicated when it can be simple?

Most website builders are offering the best solution, for free and paid version too.

Of course for the paid version, it’s always something plus and more access than in the free version.

Prices could be somewhere at 10 dollars or more totally depends on your requirements.

But all the essential functions are included. If you don’t absolutely need an email account, you can even get away with it for a little less.

To better understand how this type of solution works, watch our video tutorial from the Wix editor:


Advantages :

  • Very easy to use
  • Bracket included
  • No software to install
  • No technical knowledge required



  • Overall less functionality, because we depend always on the website supplier
  • The best known are Wix, Jimdo and Weebly. You will find other online website builders in our more comprehensive list.

You can test Wix with no commitment and no time limit.

Create your website with a CMS

CMS, or Content Management System, is much more complex.

In principle, they work as an online editor, but in reality, they are much more complicated to use.

With an online editor, you can not only insert content, such as text and images very easily but also design the entire site.

All of the traditional websites, it’s depends always on the website templates.

You can choose also the free version or you can use the paid version too.

ways to create your website


The most famous CMS is WordPress.

The principle: we install a template (called a “theme”) and play with the options to adapt the design.

If something doesn’t completely meet your expectations, you will need to do development (yourself or a professional).

Hosting, domain name, email, installation, and support depend above all on your budget and your skills.

If you do everything solo, you will be able to build a site for a relatively low price.

The major advance on the WordPress it’s the plugins.

The plugin can help your business and website to grow fast, and of course to edit or something do through the plugins.

Get here the best plugins for WordPress in 2021

These extensions are used to provide the site with features that are not offered by and for free of course.

For example with Woocommerce, you are able to start your own shop in WordPress.

Yoast’s SEO plugin is also very popular.

It allows you to configure all the parameters in order to optimize the site for search engines.

For a taste of the things to consider with WordPress, watch our intro video:

Advantages :

  • Free choice of host
  • Very good for multilingual sites
  • Virtually no technical limitation imposed by the service
  • Possibility to add plug-ins to enrich the site


  • No global assistance
  • Creative freedom depends on the theme used
  • Paid plugins can drive up costs
  • Much more complicated than an online website editor
  • Joomla! and Drupal are other examples of CMS. But since these two systems are even
  • more complicated to learn than WordPress, we won’t go into them in more detail here.
  • For more information on WordPress, read our WordPress special feature.

(Make) develop your site

If you need absolute freedom, you’ll have to get your hands dirty. Of course, this is a long-term job, which is often overwhelming (and frustrating) for newbies.

Codecademy and W3Schools is the best way to start learning those languages.

Their tutorials it’s the best about the programming languages, or for HTML language too.

But there is a long way to go live.

Cannot set a budget globally, as it depends on your project.

It costs a lot more to hire someone to develop your website.

The $ 10 per month for an online website builder (with the domain name and email addresses included) is cheaper than the hourly rate of any web designer or agency.

Popular editors are Atom, Coda 2 (for Mac only), and Brackets. They all allow development in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, etc.

ways to create your website

Advantages :

  • No technical limit
  • Very advantageous accommodation price (depending on your project)
  • No technical limitation imposed by the service


  • No technical support
  • The very flat learning curve
  • Budget difficult to calculate


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