How do you make money from youtube – as affiliate marketer in 2021

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Of course, a lot of people would like to make money or make money online without a big effort using the youtube platform.

Nowadays, youtube it’s a great source to start earning and making money as a teenager or anyone who has more than 1000 subs and 4 hrs watched public hours.

You should always make any kind of video which is on top or most searched by people, once you find that “perfect sauce” you can earn money.

There are a lot of ways to start to make money from youtube such as:

  • You can earn money using AdSense by showing ads in your video.
  • You can earn money with CPA methods (cost per action) click here for the best one.
  • You can earn money with ShareASale affiliate marketing (which is highly recommended by us for the highest payout.) click here

Those are the best methods to start earning with youtube in my opinion after a case study.

First I made my channel (gaming-related channel) and I start a little bit to research the games with low competition keywords.

How I do that? I paid for that amazing software only $4 that allows you to search for the best keywords for your videos.

Learn more about tube buddy here

So that’s is most of the important steps to starting growing my youtube videos.

By the way, you should to always start making your youtube channel looks high quality always.

For that, I suggest you this tool click here.

The tools call canva that allows you to make high-quality pictures youtube profile picture or channel arts for free.

However, you can get all subscriptions for FREE there are special features too of course, which gives you another great high-quality tool such as:

  • Download the pictures in more quality HD, UHD, 4K 8 K.
  • Download your pictures in more extensions like PNG, GIF, etc.
  • Make a lot of great photos, collages, etc with canva.

Canva features:

How do you make money from youtube
How do you make money from youtube

Canva Price:

How do you make money from youtube
How do you make money from youtube

The second important step to optimize your youtube channel.

There are many features that you should to pay attention.

The first step you should choose your language and country.

That’s is depends on your retention where would like you to promote your videos, in which country, and in which language.

Always I suggest you start with your mother language.

But of course, you can start with any language that you are speaking.

The country is very important that you should pay attention to because of the payout for the watchers and views.

According for 1000 views you can earn up to

How do you make money from youtube
How do you make money from youtube

The attention that’s is only an online earning calculator but it all depends on your engagement rate and views for your videos.

So how to start to optimize your channel and how to start with tubebuddy?

Once you are completed the channel optimization which I mentioned above, you should upload your video(after you are made a channel art profile picture, set up your channel settings, etc.)

How do you make money from youtube
How do you make money from youtube

What is Tube Buddy?

Tube Buddy, it’s the best youtube certified partner that helps you to connect your google chrome extension with your youtube dashboard.

Also is one of the best SEO tools for youtube videos.

With this code, you can get 1 month for only $4.50

What features are for FREE and what features are pro (paid features)?

The first time, we will look for a detailed tutorial about tube buddy after that I will learn exactly how this youtube tool exactly works.

I registered first time as a free user and I get this result:

How do you make money from youtube
How do you make money from youtube

This is the free version which is appeared but I will upgrade to the pro version to show you the exact features.

You can easily integrate a lot of social media profiles or websites such as:

  • Tube Buddy mobile
  • Twitter social media
  • Facebook social media
  • Patreon website
  • Social Bluebook

There are other great features which can be very helpful for your business.

The member perks.

As you can see using the tube buddy, you have access to free premium 250.000 royalty music, 25 % off for epidemic sound, 15 % off for lickd chart music, and free access to jukedeck.

You have also access to the video and graphics section too.

Services and training:

Mobile access:

Get instant access:


How do you make money from youtube CPA marketing?

What is CPA marketing?

CPA (cost per action) is the most used method for earning money.

With more than 2M publishers and with more than 100.000 websites the users have generated billion dollars in a year using the CPA methods.

How does exactly works?

Simple as you think! You should get approved to one of the CPA networks, personally, I suggest CPA grip, click here to register.

Takes a little bit once you get approved after that you can start earning and making money.

There are more than 100 methods to start earning money as an affiliate marketer with CPA methods, like youtube, SEO, or both of course.

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