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A lot of people are looking for the best website builders that can always the best results bring.

That’s why we think about always making the possible and the best results for our filesbits users.

Weeble review was created for the people who don’t know exactly what is that or how to use that.

Of course, today we will show you the best tutorials may exactly how you can start to create a website with Weebly or how to use the Weebly website builder platform in the most easy and fast ways.

Weebly isn’t as flexible as wicks and it.

Isn’t a sophisticated as Squarespace but it’s easier to use than both.

Now it’s not that Weebly isn’t flexible or sophisticated at times it can be both instead.

It’s just that what sets Weebly apart from its competitors is its simple clear interface.

In this tutorial, I’m going to Weebly review everything you need to know about Weebly themes ease of use pricing eCommerce, and more.

I’ve always been impressed with how Weebly manages to stay easy to use.

Even as they add new features the interface remains simple and clean this is an impressive balancing act.

weebly price
weebly price

Being simple is easy to do if you don’t have many features but being simple while having many features takes care and thoughtfulness pages are built in Weebly.

By dragging elements from the side drawer into your page is pretty simple right now.

What you can do also in Weebly?

Once you are registered on the platform, you’ll able to get a free domain name too or an e-mail address personalized for your business.

Of course, there are other great features like the high-quality designed themes in Weebly that you can use after you are registered on the platform.

You can have always premium support too from the company, you need always to contact them.

Their cheapest paid plan it’s only $25 per month (check the information above about the paid and free plan)

There are more great features that you should have to start building your website or blog.

One of them is patched with apps that can help your website.

This another great feature that can be helpful for you because you can get a good position on google.

Weebly review it’s the easiest platform that I saw.

Weebly gives you the best drag and drop builder feature.

That means you can easily and fast start building your website.

All you need to do is, drag and drop the elements in your website.

Of course, we will give you the full tutorial on filesbits youtube channel.

weebly review
Weebly review

You can now build any kind of websites for your business like:

  • Blogs
  • Simple websites
  • Ecommerce websites

About Weebly website builder platform :

Back in 2006 year, three college friends David Rusenko, Chris Fanini, Dan Veltri has thought about starting their own online website builder platform.

That allows the users to start creating their high-quality websites or blogs.

Weebly has a lot of traffic, may exactly 250 million users per month according to digitalcom

That becomes a helpful tool and powerful also.

Because the user needs to create an online plan or paid plan after they can easily start the own website, blog, or e-commerce website.

According to websitebuilderexpert.com Weebly got close to 5 stars from 4.

weebly review trustpilot
Weebly review Trustpilot source website builder expert

What’s the Weebly review stars does means?

In general, Weebly get 4.1 from 5 stars, and is placed in the third position behind Wix and Squarespace,

Weebly got also a good rating for “value for money” which is very important in my opinion.

Ease of use.

Ease of use means the simple of using of this platform.

How I mentioned above, the drab and drop builder feature can be the first factor of that, which helps you a lot.

Could be very helpful for you too, because you don’t need to know any programming knowledge to start creating your website codes or to pay a lot of money for other people to do that.

Simple as you know, you should only select your block and drag it to the webpage.

Weebly Review
Weebly Review

Source website builder expert

Value for money.

That means you can not lose any money or penny for that platform.

May exactly according to the users the Weebly worth 100 % of the price.

However, you should pay attention always to get the best quality for your money, there is a lot of low-quality websites builder that want to get your money without delivering any good result or simply isn’t worth the price that you should pay monthly.

Design flexibility:

Design flexibility is another great feature.

However, Weebly doesn’t have a lot of themes like 2000 or 3000 only 40 but they are high quality.

And they are well-designed themes and very attractive at the same time.

That means you can have 90 % or more conversion using those themes.

Also, they are for desktop and for mobile too developed.

So they are 100 % mobile-friendly themes too which is a pretty important google ranking factor.

weebly review themes
weebly review themes












Weebly review features:

  • Unique themes free or paid themes
  • Drag and drop builder system
  • Powerful design tools ( photos, mobile, or templates)
  • App center, domains, Or SEO features available
  • Blogging, forms, or hosting
  • Vision, business and track your visits or sales

According to more than 80 % of questions from our users, Weebly platform themes are totally free.

But if you have in your pocket some plus dollars I really suggest you invest in a PRO theme.

There are more themes category which you can choose right now and they are:

Simple online store.

Around 15 themes are available for your business and for your websites that you can use right now.


weebly reviews
weebly reviews

Business theme.

Those are usually with one big picture, which contains the button and hyperlink (in the button).

In short, that’s means when the user is visiting your online store or blog and if he clicks on the button he will be redirecting to the link where have you set up.

You can find around 14 business themes.

weebly review business theme
Weebly review business theme

Portfolio theme.

Portfolio themes are also dedicated to the people who want to build a website that you can guess too.

That theme means page theme where you can add like your webpage and in some pictures.

There are few great examples of pictures that you should create below:

weebly portofolio themes
Weebly portfolio themes

Personal theme.

This theme contains mostly a one-page theme, that you should have if you want to make a website about a person.

THat’s contains usually 1 button with a hyperlink too, and usually, with the contact me a text.

After the user is visiting your personal website, and if he clicks on the contact us button should appear the contact for or some information about the contact.

There are usually is appear the e-mail address, phone number, etc.

weebly personal themes
Weebly personal themes

Event theme.

This theme is also helpful for you if you are looking for a website where you want to host an event

Events can be like a concert, charitable, or photography website to present your photos online.

weebly event theme
Weebly event theme

Blog theme.

This is another great way to start your blog using Weebly.

There you can create high-quality blogs, like recipes, personal blogs, or any gaming blog, etc.

weebly blog theme
Weebly blog theme

Of course, those themes which I mentioned above, are 100 % full-customized, responsive, and easy to edit themes.

All of them you can choose and edit whatever you want.

You can put your personal photo or button.

They are the “basic” elements that Weebly is giving to the users.

If you want to make a unique blog or personal theme you can do it.

Weebly’s themes are the most structured themes that you should only drag and drop on your page.

Weebly – Websites, eCommerce & Marketing in one place.

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weebly price
weebly price



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