How to make money online 2021 – How I Made 1200 Sales

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How to make money online in 2021 and how I made 1200 sales and 333 customers in the 2021 year.

Recently I was able to accumulate over 1200 sales and 333 new customers in just the last couple of days.

Now to put things in perspective in the last three years I’ve only been able to get about a thousand new customers.

So for me to be able to generate 333 new customers in just the last couple of days is pretty crazy.

How to make money online 2021
How to make money online 2021

Now I’m going to explain to you how I was actually able to do this what I figured out and why I think you would actually really benefit from this and what you can do with this information now before.

Let me just mention that we are doing live training on how to actually get clients, big-ticket clients, with some really crazy methods.

I’ve actually never heard of it until recently.

So if you’re interested in learning how to get sales like the ones.

I’m going to show you today I’m going to bring my friend paul to a presentation on Tuesday.

So if you want to sign up for that.

I’ll leave the link in the posting tutorial for that so you can go check it out so recently.

I interviewed this guy named john shay.

John had a funnel on the thrive cart where you can actually put any amount of money you want to buy the product.

So if you want to enter a hundred dollars if you want to enter two dollars whatever you want to enter you can choose to do that.

So he gives away free resources on there that you can either pay for or you cannot pay for.

I thought this is a pretty fascinating idea and what I started doing is I started creating my own funnel.

That was for uh either free or for you know whatever you want to pay the only thing that you have to do if you do want to pay them or if you do want it for free.

If you still have to put in either your PayPal information or your credit card.

I started giving away my SEO classes on how to get SEO clients and I gave away another one on affiliate SEO.

I realized that the more stuff I was giving away the more sales I was getting the more opt-ins the reason that’s why it’s called.

Why do I say 1200 new sales?

Because I’m not it’s not necessarily that I’m getting payments for all my sales.

People are putting their payment information in even if I’m only getting a dollar or if I’m getting zero dollars or if I’m getting somebody tipping 20 to 30 dollars.

I’m still getting people entering their payment information so technically I count that as a sale.

You can count it as what you want the reason why I think it’s important to count as a sales.

Because I believe that when somebody puts in their payment information, they are now a way more highly qualified customer.

They’ve actually taken the step forward of actually putting in their payment info and that to me is a different opt-in than an opt-in that you would get just from a normal email opt-in.

So I was actually able to get about 36 per cent conversion rate on this which just to put things in perspective, if I was doing a click funnels um opt-in like an email it would probably be about a forty to fifty per cent opt-in rate conversion.

Rate to get a 36 conversion rate on a paid opt-in versus a 40 to 50 conversion rate on a non-paid opt-in I think that.

It’s almost better, in my opinion, to get opt-ins at the 36 conversion rate just because i know there’s going to be a high chance.

Somebody’s going to buy afterwards which is why then afterwards.

I did is I put in a bunch of upsells and down cells in my funnel and even just from these upsells and down sales.

I’ve been making about 100 a day just from people buying low ticket products like a keyword list.

That I have for seven dollars a list of SEO tools that I have for like five dollars and this is working really well.

I think now I have about two thousand seven hundred dollars between all the different low payments that I’ve been getting and it still happens every day.

I have to do is keep giving away free value it helps grow my list helps get me more customers it helps prepare people into buying an even higher ticket.

Once they get to experience my lower ticket stuff, so I found that this method works extremely well and it’s something that you can do easily if you want to see an in-depth tutorial.

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