The best ways to increase your search traffic 2020

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The best ways to increase your search traffic it’s the most of important factor if you are looking for search engine traffic.

Welcome to our new blog post where you will learn the best 6 ways to increase your search traffic and get the best-targeted traffic as well.

I will show you in this tutorial how you can apply different SEO tactics, may exactly the Unboxed SEO.

My name is TomasP and I’ve helped thousands of people just like you to increase their search traffic.

Today we’re going to be focused on a site that suffers from the most common SEO problems.

It’s very likely that you suffer from them as well.

So please follow along with everything you’re about to learn step by step and if you suffer from any of these problems, leave a comment below.

Now our target site is an e-commerce site built in Magento 2. Its organic search traffic has flatlined over the last years it’s neither grown nor declined so we are going to fix that together.

search traffic
search traffic

Now I want you to remember that SEO most part boils down to three components:

  • Technical SEO content
  • Link building method

You need to get each of those layers right and if you do to get each of those layers right you will see search success.

Unfortunately, our target site today has problems in each of those layers so I’m going to show you how to identify the problem, show you why it’s a problem and I show you how to fix it.

But before we get started please share this tutorial with your friends to get another tutorial too like that.

Website speed

Now if you haven’t been paying attention to website speed I guarantee you’re leaving both traffic and money on the table.

Website speed is one of the first things we fix for clients because it brings human benefits almost immediately and google search traffic benefits four to six weeks down the line and first of all let’s talk about the immediate human benefits.

Every one-second delay in your website’s load time reduces conversion by seven percent.

On top of that, you have less than five seconds to engage visitors before they leave so if you load times higher than five seconds you are losing a lot of money.

Now according to google made also a confirmed ranking factor this is important because Google doesn’t confirm many ranking factors but website speed is one of them they’ve also doubled down with this recently by announcing that the core web vitals is going to be part of the search algorithm soon. Source:

And if you are looking in the search console you can come to this report call web vitals and see how you’re performing right now.

Check your website always if it’s ready for mobile devices too.

Now, if you want to focus on mobile which is highly recommended, and the reason you want to focus on mobile for performance is that Google is now using mobile-first indexing so if you come to google search console and settings you will see if your indexing crawler is using google bot smartphone or not.

If it is which is more than likely is and if it’s not it will be in the near future google are switching everyone to mobile-first indexing.

But what that means is that the performance of your desktop site is judged by the performance of your mobile.

search traffic
search traffic

So if you’re mobile site is slow and sluggish it will restrict your desktop site’s ability to rank in the desktop search results.

We need to pay attention always and we can use a tool which is called batch speed software.

What this tool does is go out to google page speed insights and does batch testing across all your URLs.

Now what we’re looking for here is to see mobile page speed scores of  60 and above here you’ll see we’re posting less than 20 most of the time not good and you’ll see that we’re posting desktop scores in the mid-40s when really they should be 90 and above.

Now, I highly suggest you go do this test right now if you’re not seeing mobile scores of 60 and above and you’re not seeing desktop score 19 above you are leaving money and search traffic on the table about it.

Google page insights

Now drilling into google page speed scores you can kind of see why there are issues and I’m going to talk to you about how to fix the issues in a little moment.

I want to just be absolutely clear that google page speed insights are not the be-all and end-all of metrics what really matters is how your site actually performs in the real world.

Sure, having a nice score is fancy and all of that but we want to use to make sure that we’re delivering low times under five seconds ideally three now but three is very hard to achieve.

But if you can get under five that’s a sweet spot where you can see we’re loading is nearly 12 on the home page and an important in a category page nearly 13.

So, we’re quite far away from where we need to be on our target site here.

web page performance
web page performance

I highly recommend for you on my blog another great tutorial about 6x free ways to increase website speed and search traffic.

Now in the case of our target site the furniture, this is a bit harder to optimize because it’s built on Magento 2.

And you know if it’s built on WordPress or woocommerce we have tons of options available but site speed but Magento 2 and Shopify and open cart and other things like that.

Our choices are limited but the nitro pack is great.

It has a Magento module and you can see if we just run this test what it does for our page speed scores.

We can see the results of the score so before we were getting mobile page speed scores of 17 with nitro pack 83 and before on desktop score 46 after 90.

So nitro pack brings us where we need to be and what’s great about the nitro pack is that takes a few moments to set up you just sign up plug the website in and you will fix all.

So that’s why site speed it’s critically important it’s a huge ranking factor for humans and it’s a ranking factor for search engines so make sure you take care of it.

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