The best SEO packages : Local, global and Ecommerce

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The best SEO packages are the most important thing if you want to get the best search results in google or another SERP like bing or Yandex.

Welcome to another great post, where you can more discover about SEO packages.

Today we will take you through a top that is different.

SEO packages and which one is for you now the best.

If you remember in the last posts, we talked about what is useful and helpful for your business.

In this post, we will take you through different packages that the SEO company will offer and how it’s easier for you to decide which one is perfect for you.

I will talk now very specific with regards to easy ranking be over or SEO packages.

Are being divided into three parts.

The first one being the local SEO package

The second one being the global SEO package

The third one would be e-commerce SEO packages.

Now the sound as the name indicates, they the local would be for someone offering local business.

The best SEO packages is here.

The closing will be for somebody offering their services or products.

Globally or nationwide and the third one will be for somebody who has an e-commerce portal.

Right but yeah, there’s no twist to it and there are some other criteria.

We follow and based on which we made recommendations to an appliance that let me quickly take you.

Trough the other packages and help you give a little understanding.

As and what goes and the mind of a digital expert.

Before they actually give you their recommendations, around the packages.

Now we start with the local SEO package.

Why what and how that’s?

We’ll be covered under each topic so, we’re talking about local SEO packages.

local seo
local seo

Why should you all follow the list of your packages?

Now let’s take an example.

I’am looking for a dentist in sector 2 Noida.

That’s where the office is right now.

If I go on google and type “Dentist in Noida sector 2” it’s bound to show me a map.

And the map will have more listings of other dentists.

Those are in the around this carrier, so yeah, local SEO does have a higher conversion rate compared to organic search.

The results and the question of why?

The best SEO packages
The best SEO packages

Because people are able to relate to that area’s results, they are able to relate to the locations.

And the result is very very specific and real-time.

So, you are able to either book an appointment or visit the store.

When you are around the area and gradually have a higher conversion rate.

Now, what is the local SEO as a term?

Local SEO is SEO done locally for businesses, that have a very nice market.

Or have a very limited audience or target a very limited set of locations.

Now, this could be applicable to businesses like carpenters, contractors, or lawyers.

They are definitely a lot of detailed steps to do, but we’re only we’re talking in points here.

The way go to, about is are you just listing a few points.

That is listed, here, how do we do local SEO.

  1. We get your business google my business account
  2. Setup, we optimize all the landing pages with the locally targeted keywords.
  3. We maintain an app consistency around the submission that are being done for your business
  4. We ask unless genuine reviews form, your customers or clients.
  5. So that you are able to build that trust with your audience.
  6. Then we optimize the search engine snippets, we focus on local pling.
  7. We optimized for voice search, this is a big one for 2020.

If you’re targeting your business or local maps or organic search.

Now we optimized for Neomi keywords which are again very very important.

This trend is happening for 2020 and we create content around your local audience.

We understand the local dialect, the kind of approach, or the thought process.

That has to be considered when we are actually writing content.

This is considered when we are doing it for a local audience.

We made sure, that your website is mobile-friendly, obviously, it thought to be running.

Right once, you have people coming on your website, wire the mobile search.

We use location-specific pages or use location-specific keywords.

Wire about the speed in case, you have a limitation in terms of pages.

That can be created on the website.

We use those location-specific terms too.

Under the section and go about promoting your website in different locations.

So that brings a local SEO best for a business that has very few limited keywords and target.

A niche market or have a local audience to be, catered to second.

We talked about global SEO, why and how now talking about what is global SEO.

As a term indicate, SEO for a business that targets nationwide areas or has a global audience.

Like management consultants e-commerce websites owners etc.

Now, why’d local SEO most of the businesses of business owners feel that global is for someone that is targeting nationwide areas?

But there, is a catchword obviously, I mean just because you have about five keywords and you targeting entire us foreign India my pot really makes you qualified to go for the global SEO.

There is a little more. We would like you to think over it before you actually make a choice of the right SC.

Before you select it, right that’s your package, we have three criteria that we actually ask ourselves before we actually give you the recommendation.

The first is does your business target a nationwide audience, if the answer to it yes, then yes.

Global SEO packages for you, now second is does your business belong to a highly competitive market.

If the answer to that is yes then yes, and the third and the latest is has your business got a lot of product or services, to be offered.

If the answer to it is yes then yes again global SEO.

global seo
global seo

The package is for you how do we do it we primarily cater or take care of four points, here to start with we obviously take care of all the UI and UI UX aspects of your website.

We ensure, that the website has the right placements. The things are in order as and what your potential customers will be looking at therefore the relevant information.

There their a proper call to action the pages are linked properly there are no four or four they are not cannot realization error.

They are no duplicate see happening once all these basic or technical limitations have been resolved.

We start with the on-page optimization.

Wherein we look into the content on the website.

We’ll look into the meta tag descriptions, we’re looking to the h1, h2.

We look into the issues, we look into the other ga and website axes, we ensure that all the pages are interlinked properly.

We ensure that the anchor tags, the image tags, and everything is in place one everything of that’s what is being sorted, we move to on-page optimization.

When we work around the content syndication and links indication that, builds a very very strong and take the base for your website.

To perform last but not least.

We’re also taking care of your voice search optimization so that anybody’s searching in and around you for terms that are relevant for your business.

Should be able to find you on the search and could be a possible future prospect for you right.

After all these failures did, the most important part is that we do data analysis to understand.


As and how all the work has resulted in two numbers, what kind of improvements we have witnessed for your website.

In terms of rankings in terms of conversions in terms of traffic and how we can actually what kind of strategy implement adaptation can we do.

To actually ensure betters results, so this for what we do under global SEO.

Now coming forward last but not least.

We talked about e-commerce.

e-commerce seo
e-commerce seo

As here he promises who has a name indicates, that it’s best suited for a business that sells a lot of products or services.

Why are there websites that could be best suited for websites selling clothes or products?

Or in fact, food portal schools.

It could be best suited for real estate portals.

It could be best suited for part venues.

All these businesses do have a lot of keywords to actually cater to or work.

Can actually fall in e-commerce so as the name indicates e-commerce SEO is for somebody selling a lot of products.

Why are they website but it’s also applicable for somebody that’s offering a lot of services?

Why are their website? so this is one of the very very important criteria.

We keep in mind, before, we actually give you the recommendation to choose a plan from all the other options.

We have on the website now how do we do it.

Thank you well the other issue that we talked about local-global we do take care of your own page of page voice.

Seach data analysis reporting and all other things but under e-commerce, as you go through there’s a lot of dynamic issues involved.

There are new pages being created every other day.

There are new areas targeted every other day, so we do ensure that the way we are skilled properly or enough to ensure that yet the dynamic SEO can happen all the tags and all the metals.

The standard optimization criteria are being met before we actually launch that pages across simple.

Okay so yeah that’s what we do want the e-commerce relates to work quick recap.

SEO is very important for all the business because the internet is gaining a lot of power in the coming years.

It’s your business, it’s very important for your business to be there.

Now once you are already ready with your website, you’ve got a choose the right plan that actually can give the right push to your keywords.

And make them perform if you opt for a smaller package, and your website needs a lot of key activities to an active form.

Advertisement :

That’s not the thing because you just end up wasting money.

If you have chosen a bigger package, however, your website does not need that kind of effort.

Even that ends up in overspending and not recovering the right return of investment.

Your money is spent so it’s very important to identify the right set of packages for your business.

To make it perform and you stay invested in the entire activity.

So local is for someone with a niche audience or a limited location.

Global is for somebody who has a decent size of services or products to be offered.

It needs more push than the local SEO keywords.

Can bring on yeah and e-commerce is for someone who has a lot of products or services.

So this is how we basically distinguish between the plans before we give you our recommendations.

I hope this will help you in case you have any queries please feel free to contact us.

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