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Jan 16, 2021 Make money online

Stash investment – make money online with stash 2021

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Stash investment could be very helpful if you are looking for an income source.

Stash application is the best application which I ever saw, and which I ever use.

This application can help you a lot if you want to invest some money and earn a lot of money.

What is stash may exactly?

Stash is one of the best applications of how I mentioned above.

Now you can start investing in yourself and earn money as well.

This is a recommended product, for beginner investors which want to start investing right now.

The single goal for this app is to help people to get started with investors, with limited resources.

After you download and install this app, you can easily and fast build an investment portfolio.

But, there are nice things in that app too, may exactly the online banking feature.

How does this app exactly work?

If you really want to use and try out this app, you can download it from here.

Stash investment
Stash investment

The first step will be, to make an account on this application.

You will be asked your full name, date of birth.

To start investing and earning with stash, you should be 18+ and a USA citizen.

Because you need to provide your SSN (social security number)

After you complete this, you should complete a questionaire.

The single goal of this questionnaire it’s to determine your future investment goals.

These tools provide you a huge investment option, in order to build the best investment portfolio.

You can find more than 1800 individuals stocks and ETFs.

How much does stash costs the monthly plans?

The begginer plan costs $1 / month

The Growth plan costs $3 / month

The stash plan costs $9 / month.

If you have decided to work on this platform you should pay a monthly fee how I mentioned above, and how it’s showing on the photo.

Beginner account :

The beginner account costs only one dollar per month.

With this package, you have personal access to a personal investment account, debit account access, or can earn stock-back.

If you are looking for a starter package, this is recommended for you.

Growth account :

Could be another great solution for you, but this’s expensive a bit.

This package costs $3 per month.

The biggest difference between beginner and growth accounts is, you have access to tax benefits too.

Stash + account :

This account is the most complex account.

With this, you have access to all of the features which is mentioned above.

Costs $9 per month in competition with another 2 accounts you have the option to open investment accounts.

If you want to invest with greater interest to start earning and investing, then this account it’s suggested for you.

Stash investment features:

There more great and nice features in this app.

One of the greatest features is the design.

This software sets itself easy and high-quality design which is shows always the necessary information.

There are more high-quality algorithms is included in this app, which can help you a lot.

One of them is the algorithm that picks your investment for you.

That takes your age, risk profile, and investment goals.

Portfolio builder.

With portfolio builder, you are able to build your own portfolio for your personal investment strategy that meets your values and investment criterias.

Pros and cons Stash investment app :

Pros :

It’s the lowest price of the investment.

You should pay only one cent to the start.

Easily and helpful guidance.

The app helps you with the best advice to start your own portfolio with low investment.

All it’s automatic.

How the title it’s saying to you, in the app after you create your account, all it’s build automate.


Highest monthly cost.

That means it’s the highest price.

However, there is a lot of another app have a high price, for that you have to pay from $1 to $9 per month.

Totally depends on your package which you choose.

Another cons you can’t find. So I personally suggest this app, if you want to invest a few dollars and earn also.

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