Whitehat SEO vs Blackhat SEO how to get better results in 2020

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if you’re a whitehat SEO you’re an idiot why because when I see anyone label themselves as a white hat that immediately tells me they have huge gaps in their SEO knowledge.

Because they only understand half of the game and that’s the biggest problem with labeling yourself as a white hat or black hat SEO by picking a side you are inherently deciding to restrict your potential knowledge and intelligence this reduced level of intelligence is widely apparent in the white hat community.

Where is white hat link building tactics like guest posting and outreach are highly recommended but the truth of the matter is that building links to manipulate search results is against Google’s webmaster guidelines period.

So it’s all black hat in the end if you’re the type of person that puts labels on things and let’s not forget the sheer stupidity of white hat SEO s has started to come full circle recently.

I mean when’s the last time you sent a guest post request email and they didn’t respond asking for payment white hat SEO czar now, in essence, buying links in bulk to manipulate search rankings every day but isn’t buying the links black hat by definition honestly the whole.

black hat seo vs whitehat seo
black hat seo vs whitehat seo

The white hat and black hat label thing is human stupidity at its finest so instead of choosing a side it’s much better to understand the simple fact your Google’s ranking algorithm wants to see is certain metrics and all you have to do is feed it those metrics and this intelligent way to do.

That is to have a complete understanding of SEO which includes a combination of white hat tactics.

Like good site structure and quality content backed up by black hat tactics like link building.

I want you to understand that all you do by labeling yourself as white hat or black hat is create extra levels of complexity they only serve to stop you from developing a complete working knowledge of SEO in the end all we have to do is SEO.

This gives a computer algorithm what it wants it’s as simple as that so the next time you see anyone label themselves as a white hat SEO make sure you tell them they’re an idiot and send them this video to prove it because it’s time for SEO to unite and right now it feels like we’ve been divided and conquered by stupid labels.

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